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Singing through Lockdown

Like every choir in the world today, Northwood have been searching to find a way to continue with music. With every one of us in self isolation we had to find new ways to sing together.

Music is so important to all of us, a life without music - and a life without making music together - is inconceivable.

And so we started to meet together over video conferencing.

Julie our Musical Director is a fine vocal coach and voice specialist, and so she has been taking the time to work on our technique

  • Breathing

  • Posture

  • How to convey emotion in our singing

And we are all feeling the benefit in our own singing.

So we decided to try a new project:

Our virtual Locus Iste

A piece we love singing is Anton Bruckner's beautiful Locus Iste - This place is made by God.

We have sung this before, so after some working together on the piece we were ready to go.

Julie recorded her conducting of the piece, and James, our fine Accompanist, added a piano accompaniment to Julie's video.

Each of us then recorded our own part, and shared a photo of a place where we felt the hand of God - our happy place photos.

All of our recordings, and our happy photos, were pulled together into a single video file, which you can find here.

We hope you enjoy our project!

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