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NCS Summer Term Online

Like many choirs we have decided to take our learning online this term. We can’t call it a rehearsal as there is not an opportunity for us to sing together - but we are learning about how our voices work and preparing repertoire for the magical time when we can sing together again!

it has been a very surreal experience having rehearsals in our own houses but there are some huge positives... we can SEE what we are doing so nothing can get past us, like too much jaw movement. We‘re discovering the importance of the purring kitten and the glass of water and a straw... And as the sessions are revised we can check up on our learning in our own time!!

We’re imagining cinema screens and swirling cloaks... and that’s just the first week!!

Our repertoire will come from what we would have been doing together this term and although it’s not a “choir” it is singing and learning!!

There will also be some surprises!!!

if any members have not yet joined in, our rehearsals are at 7.15pm on Sundays as normal on Zoom. All members who have joined the website will have received a link and a password - use the same one every week.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!!

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